What is TheWithin.com?

It’s a portfolio website. I created this website to publish my work.
My name is Codrin Panaitescu, I’m 21 years old and I live in Timisoara, Romania and I aspire to become a movie director. Pretty hard to achieve this since so many people in the industry desire this so much lately.
No one said it would be easy:
– “you can’t do it”
– “it’s too hard”
– “you must have something special”
– “are you special?”
– “just look somewhere else”

Why is it called TheWithin?
Simply put it’s an online pseudonym that I chose to represent myself. It sounds cool, though.

In the future I will post my videos on this site, or at least try to. Hours were spent and tears shed for me not to keep it updated. Not really. But still. I worked on this website for a reason and I intend in updating it and improve it as time goes by.

Hope you like it so far and feel free to criticize my works, positive or negative feedbacks are welcomed!

PS: that “logo” of a thing should be the “W” out of “TheWithin”, I made that and I’m proud of it!

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